715 Main Street Nashville, TN

For over 30 years, Stephen Port owned and operated Stephen’s Auto Paint & Body in his property located in one of the fastest growing areas of East Nashville. Recognized for the highest quality body work in Nashville, Stephen specialized in Jaguars, Porches, Bentleys, Mercedes, and other luxury cars. When he finally decided to retire, after much soul searching, he asked that I list his property for sale. Although I rarely list properties, working instead representing buyers rather than sellers, I was happy to do this. The transaction was a lease/purchase agreement with a wine distributor as lessee/buyer, who performed a complete renovation, transforming the two-floor, 15,000 square foot building to fit his needs. It was initially under the lease portion of the arrangement and the purchase and sale contract closed a few months later.

See how the building was transformed in attached picture.

before image of Stephen’s Auto Paint & Body
after image of Stephen’s Auto Paint & Body